"1000 paper and interactive exercises in vocational communication" is a series of exercises in French, German, English, Bulgarian, Latvian and Lithuanian intended for young people with no qualifications and a very low level of education. Almost a third of the exercises can be done by young people with very few linguistic skills. All the exercises and the entry-level tests and summative assessments are available for free on the website. The tool is based on a chart of 5 abilities: A: Oral communication, B: Find out / Collect information, C: Understand a message, D: Compose a written message, E: Appraise a message. These abilities are divided into 122 operational goals directly related to the competences required in the professional world, each in 3 levels of difficulty. A "diagnostic test" leads to an individual learning plan, and a "summative assessment" gives a detailed appraisal of progress made. A training module is provided for teachers and trainers to learn how to use the tool. This series is available in the following languages: French, German, English, Bulgarian, Latvian and Lithuanian, and is available either on a DVD-ROM, or free of charge on Internet. The tool is intended for teachers working with young people with no qualifications in their last year of compulsory schooling in vocational education and those working with young people in mainstream vocational education.